At EYERIDE university, we understand the importance of educating users in the implementation, installation,efficient utilization, and maximization of our products. This will promote the highest level of efficient daily use of our innovative products for maximum effect on a business.  If a user/student is in need of additional training or additional materials, this section will serve as the platform for requesting the additional resources. In this section of the University where users are able to request a course on material that they need help with. We welcome suggestions for any course that our users feel will help to implement, learn, or use our wide array of evolving product offerings. Our instructors will process the suggestions for new material and implement courses, as deemed necessary, according to amounts of suggestions entered. 

how to dispatch a truck

trying to set up training for new dispatchers and need information tutorials on how to dispatch a truck from the eyeride system

Teacher: Aimee Inman

adding and editing routes

need to be able to show others how to set up routes and edit them if necessary

Teacher: Aimee Inman