EYENET provides you with dependable high-speed Internet wherever you are. In fact, it can support up to 100 users. Super -compact, it's easily mounted in any vehicle and accepts power from a wide range of sources — including power jack, cigarette lighter port, and direct -to -battery wiring. This, together with remote -access configuration and monitoring, makes EYENET the perfect choice for mixed fleets as well as across different industries. EYENET leverages multi -band connectivity on the national cellular networks to deliver the very highest connection speeds, and an integrated cellular signal booster ensures that you can stay online even when in remote areas. Running EyeRide loT's proprietary firmware, EYENET features full router capabilities, including routing, wireless access point, hotspot gateway, captive portal with splash screen featuring your company's logo and advertising, firewall, bandwidth management, VPN server, backhaul link and much more. All delivered in the tamper -proof metal state of the art EYENET casing. Although designed with the transportation industry in mind, this rugged, high powered WiFi router is perfect for all applications and environments. EYENET is built tough which is why it is at the core of all of EyeRide loT's solutions. EYENET ensures all EyeRide loT devices stay connected on the go including the EyeRideTV, Passenger Counting Control, EyeRide 200/400/800 mobile DVR's, Eyelog/DVIR, live real-time GPS, and more.

 These courses will cover everything pertaining to the EYENET mobile router including:

-Specs and Features


-Back-end Configuration 

-Web Filtering Capabilities 

-Company/Passenger Usage

-Maximizing Eyenet's capabilities for your company



In this course, student will be introduced to EYERIDE's EYENET, a core product and gateway into the world of Eyeride. Student will learn what the EYENET is, and what potential it brings.  Included in course:

  • Why Eyenet is important
  • What's in the box
  • Description of product and specs