This series of courses is geared towards ADMINISTRATORS, however, will provide a full overview of EYERIDE's FMS (Fleet Management System).  The FMS console is the powerful software backbone of EYERIDE's array of products, and is the software center of administration for those products.  This series of courses includes the following core knowledge base:

-Web address and login

-Explanation of menu and screen layout 

-Administration roles for users 

-Logical process involved in creating a company profile with all pertinent info 

Eyeride University also provides product specific instructions for administration of FMS, in a separate courses, per product. 

Prerequisite: EYENET (helpful but not mandatory) 


This course is designed to teach an ADMIN how to set up their company's FMS account for EYERIDE'S EYELOG module , in particular. In this course the ADMIN will learn how to add users, groups, vehicles, set and change HOS rules, and more. EYELOG is in accordance with FMCSA mandate, and administering the FMS properly is the key to a successful migration to digital reporting. 


The EYERIDE FMS (Fleet Management Solution) is the perfect management tool for fleet managers and operators, enabeling complete oversight of all interconnected devices on one platform. This course is designed to give a company ADMIN total control over general setup and configuration of the company's FMS account for maximum control and efficiency. Material covers how to setup users, passwords, user roles, vehicle data entry, device data entry, groups, and all data needed to create and maintain company info in FMS.