This course will cover the full EYELOG product line and is split in two parts, administering the FMS (Fleet Management System) console specifically for the EYELOG and Installation and use of the EYETAB (ELD) system. 

The course consists of the following Parts:

EYELOG-Introduction and Description (EYELOG 001) 




This course will go over the included items and installation of the EYETAB kit in vehicle, including QR code sticker placement and use, mobile app usage. Additionally, course covers use of the FMS console as a driver. Course topics include:

  • EYELOG kit components
  • QR CODE sticker placement 
  • ELD Setup process
  • A driver's guide to the EYELOG mobile app
  • Brief explanation explaining ELOG-mandated driver capabilities within the FMS (Fleet Management System) console

How to Pair with Your Vehicle for the First Time



This video will outline the steps needed to successfully pair your tablet to your vehicles' ELD.